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Free LNMT eBook
Free LNMT eBook Click Here

LNMT Can Be Used With Most Low Level Lasers

Let’s face it…  Massage Therapists are everywhere and you need something that makes you better, unique and special in this industry.  It is so competitive and you have so many options for certifications and niche skills.  And for the most part, someone in your neck of the woods has done them all.

Knee 2LNMT (Laser Neuromuscular Therapy) will revolutionize your practice with state-of-the-art techniques that have been used in sports medicine and rehab for years.  Now, with affordable and FDA-cleared low level lasers, you can acquire your own laser and learn how to use it. Massage therapy can be very demanding physically. Learning to care for your own needs with LNMT will naturally transition to helping friends, family and clients.

People are looking for alternative care and you will offer a valuable service to those you reach.  Many will want to come in for sessions to see how it works, becoming new clients as they see the benefits.  A 30 minute session can run between $50 and $200 (higher in some markets and geographic regions).  Most people need more than one session.  You can offer packages.  Most people are willing to commit to 5 sessions to get better.  This series should be completed over a 2 week period for best results.

In addition, people who come to you for laser sessions may want a laser for themselves and will likely tell everyone they meet about it.  This leads to referrals and opportunity.  You can also build your practice teaching Self Care Using Low Level Laser, personalizing the presentation materials we provide.

Carl Malone, BD, DNM, LMT, CNMT has received countless inquiries over the years for “someone offering LNMT in this area”.  Everyone you treat will know at least 5 people that need your services.  These are people looking for relief and most have tried “everything”.  Often, you are their last hope, and usually, you can help.

Together we will build a united network of practitioners who provide a high level of manual therapy that is unprecedented in our industry.  You can even specialize in laser treating…..IMG_6407

  • CrainioSacral
  • Visceral
  • Lymph
  • Sports
  • Auto and Personal Injury
  • even Pet and Equine

Not only that, but, if you bill insurance, there are billing codes for LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy).

Whichever way you choose to apply your LNMT skills, there is tremendous upside potential to recover the cost of your laser. Training is available  and you will be in a niche that will help you be successful and make a very good income in this industry.  By offering to do “in office” presentations you can reach local doctors, vets and other professionals. Even attorneys can be a great source of steady referrals.  Consider reaching out to office support staff, chiropractic assistants, massage therapists, PT’s and occupational therapists to let them know how the laser can be a complement to the work that they already perform.

Free LNMT eBook

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